4 Month Twins!

I’m so happy to have taken these sweet girl’s newborn photos, and I am thrilled they are on the Pure Baby Plan! More images coming soon!

Savannah & Sophia, 6 month

*Clients, I am almost booked for November. Please contact me as soon as possible to ensure your spot. Thanks so much!SOPHIA SAVANNAHToo cute!

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October Sessions! {Mission Viejo Newborn Photographer}

There are few things in life more precious than this. This sweet boy was awake and wanting to check things out! I love taking newborn portraits while baby is awake or asleep, either way we get great images.  After mama fed him, I got to hold this sweet angel and he drifted off to sleep and we got some of the ever cute sleeping newborn pictures & some gorgeous ones with mom.

Baby Liam, 14 days.

*Clients, please remember to book early if you are pregnant, as I am booking into December. There are 2 spots left for Fall Family Sessions &  few open spots for Pure Baby Plan sessions. I hope you are all having a wonderful week! -Vanessa



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